Residential Real Estate Services

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Residential Real Estate takes a level of knowledge and technique to get right. At Perspectives, we are trained and studied in this technique and have experience selecting the best shots to accentuate your property listing. Our broad range of services are designed specifically for your real estate marketing needs and wants.

Real Estate Services

Perspectives has two goals for our Real Estate Media division. Those are service and quality. You will be introduced to the “old school” way of doing this where you can expect top notch service along with high quality media options that will cover every aspect of your marketing requirements. We offer both HDR (Bracketed) AND Flambient Photography, Virtual Tour, Floor Plan, Single Property Website, Astro zoom, Social Media Video, Walkthrough Video, Virtual Staging, Additional Photos, Night shots, Custom Domain name and more! Our user portal that is provided to each client provides a one-stop shop for you to place your orders, include any add on services required, review the media post shoot, and pay for the shoot. This is all done right here through our web-portal.

A kitchen with hardwood floors and a bar stools.
A green living room with a foosball table and guitars.
An aerial view of a home with a screened porch.

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