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Perspectives Multimedia Services Offers an Array of Services For All Your Aeriel Drone And Photography Needs.

Our mission is to provide the best aerial video and photography service by tailoring our service to meet and exceed your needs with a passion you will not find elsewhere. Serving the greater Charlotte area, western and central NC, and northern SC, we strive to provide you a complete package, custom designed to exceed your expectations. We use the highest quality drones with the most up to date technology and video / photograph capturing capabilities to give you exactly what you want and need for your project. Our remote pilots in control are FAA Part 107 Certified and we are fully insured up to one million dollars per incident. Our drones are covered up to one million dollars each as well for liability. We take this business seriously! Perspectives Drone Services will provide you with high-quality aerial imagery along with top notch editing using our award-winning editing software platforms (, TECH RADAR, HGG and more!) to ensure you receive exactly what you are searching for…a new PERSPECTIVE!

An aerial view of a house with a dock on the water.


Perspectives offers a wide variety of opportunities for Residential solutions.

An aerial view of a parking lot in a city.


Perspectives can provide you with solutions to your private events with our combination services that will provide you with a wide range of possibilities for you to capture your big moment

An aerial view of a parking lot in a city.


Perspectives offers a wide variety of opportunities for commercial solutions.

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Perspectives Multimedia Services utilizes two separate unmanned aerial systems, both manufactured by DJI. These units allow us the capabilities to meet any requirement our customers might have. Along with our expertise, our drones provide you with the utmost in quality to meet all your expectations.

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An aerial view of a farm and fields.
An aerial view of a home with a pool.
A group of people sitting in a room.

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