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Perspectives includes in our services a Real Estate Media Division we call PREMeD. Just as with everything we do, we provide high quality images and video for all your RE marketing needs. (see more)

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Perspectives Multimedia Services offers a full line of media solutions for real estate agents, commercial land / property companies, commercial businesses and more by offering a comprehensive package of handheld and aerial photography and videography services to meet most any need.

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Residential Real Estate Services

Residential Real Estate takes a level of knowledge and technique to get right. At Perspectives, we are trained and studied in this technique and have experience selecting the best shots to accentuate your property listing. Our broad range of services are designed specifically for your real estate marketing needs and wants.

Commercial Real Estate Applications

Commercial Real Estate requires a special knack for the right PERSPECTIVE! We strive to provide you with imagery and unique PERSPECTIVES to help you stand out in a crowded market both on the Web or presenting direct to your clients

Combination Services

You can customize your services to mix and match your PERSPECTIVE by combining our drone services with our photography services to make your project stand out above the rest. Mix exterior aerial photographs and ground shots.

Commercial Applications

We can assist with Marketing your business (inside and out!), property acquisitions, property overviews or other commercial requirement that has a need for a higher perspective, we can customize a solution for you.

Home Inspection Services

Perspectives asks, “WHO NEEDS A LADDER?” Weather you are a homeowner, a roofing specialist, an insurance adjuster or a home inspector, Perspectives can help take the time and RISK out of these off the ground needs.

Agriculture Services

There is a lot of land out there…and a lot of work to do on a daily basis. Driving around a fence line or rounding up the livestock for a head count can be time consuming and can also lead to a direct effect on your bottom line

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