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Perspectives Multimedia Includes in Our Services A Real Estate Media Division. Just As with Everything We Do, We Provide High Quality Images and Video for All Your RE Marketing Needs.”

Our service and knowledge will provide you with the tools you need for a successful sell! PREMeD will put your media in one convenient portal that allows you access to market and promote your listing in every possible way. Our goal is simple, to provide you a one stop place for you to receive the best, most high-quality images at a set price without the hassles and banter of negotiations. We do wish to nickel and dime our clients and we strive to provide on-time, professional photography, and videography services. Our turn around time for HD pictures is 24 hours and we work to meet that same timeline for our professionally, full edited HDR photographs. Once our shoot is done, you just sit back and relax while we process, edit and perfect our shots. When the hard work is done, we offer you a dedicated web-portal specific to each individual property. For every service that you request, be it just media / pictures, virtual tours, floor plans, property websites and more, PREMeD will have each processed on the web-portal providing both branded and un-branded links and downloads for each.



Media packages – PREMeD offers several different media packages available in both HDR (bracketed) and Flamboyant photography images along with 4K video. These packages are based on square footage, so you do not have to keep a picture count or worry about excessive accessory charges.


Residential Real Estate takes a level of knowledge and technique to get right. At Perspectives, we are trained and studied in this technique and have experience selecting the best shots to accentuate your property listing. Our broad range of services are designed specifically for your real estate marketing needs and wants. (See more)


Commercial Real Estate requires a special knack for the right PERSPECTIVE! We strive to provide you with imagery and unique PERSPECTIVES to help you stand out in a crowded market both on the Web or presenting direct to your clients.


You can customize your services to mix and match your PERSPECTIVE by combining our drone services with our photography services to make your project stand out above the rest. Mix exterior aerial photographs and ground shots.

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