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Perspectives Multimedia Offers Orthomosaic Solutions For Your Larger Properties

Like Google Earth On Steroids

Below are two examples of the final production. The top picture is a two dimensional, Orthomosaic phot of a 31-acre parcel of land. The bottom Is a three-dimensional model of the same parcel.

This picture is a composite of over 800 pictures stitched into one detailed map with several tools to help. Those tools are located along the left margin of the map. They include a polyline tool for measuring distances on the map; A polygon tool that allows you to capture a specific area and automatically determine the acreage included in the geofenced area; The rectangle tool allows you to draw and rectangle on the map and determine the area included inside; The circle tool allows you to draw a circle of any size and determine the acreage included inside the circled area; The marker tool allows you to place marker anywhere on the map; The circle marker tool allows you to mark a specific spot with a circle.

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Endless Applications

Orthomosaic Photography can be used in many other applications. These include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Updated views of large land areas: Using Orthomosaic photography can be used for updated pictures for large areas. While Google Earth could be used for this application, it can often be old, outdated imagery that does not reflect today’s actualities.
  • Construction applications: Staying updated on construction site schedules is a must and Orthomosaic photography can assist in tracking this. Not only can progress be tracked, but you can also will be able to measure distances, areas and volumes with our products. Three dimensional models can also assist with seeing exactly what is built and what is not.
  • Agriculture applications: Orthomosaic photography can help monitor crop health as well by using Red, Green, Blue, Red Edge, and Near-Infrared lighting to get detailed mapping showing vegetation health which helps farmers pay closer attention to lesser productive areas.
  • Inspection applications: Orthomosaic photography can be used to do aerial inspections of rooftops, solar fields, apartment complexes and more.
  • Legal proceedings: Orthomosaic photography can help obtain up to date imagery of a given property for court proceedings.

The list goes on and on! Orthomosaic photogrpahy can be used to count trees, monitor forest health, count cattle, determine the number of cars in a parking lot, see the supplies on a construction site, measure rooftops, make annotations, and so much more depending on what you need to accomplish.

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Unique Mapping Perspective

This picture is not a picture at all but rather a three-dimensional model of the same area as the two-dimensional picture.

This offers a unique “PERSPECTIVE” of the property allowing you to zoom in, pan and tilt the picture to see any area from any direction you wish! This model is a LOW-RES version for display purposes only.

There is a high-resolution version available.

To manipulate the 3D Photo:

Click to rotate

Hold Shift and Scroll to Zoom in and Out.

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