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Behind The Scenes At Perspectives Drone Services

We Are Perspectives

Perspectives was founded by Carl Holt who has a passion for photography in general but more so a passion to provide people with a great experience sharing his love of photography and videography with you.

Carl thoroughly enjoys the entire process starting with the most enjoyable part, meeting YOU! Then on to the shooting of the requested shots to the editing and processing of the photos and videos arriving at the highlight for him, providing you with the joy of receiving your finished product.

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Meet Our Amazing Team Carl

The Faces Behind Our Success

Carl has many other enjoyments in life. He is married to his wife of 20+ years Bonnie. He is a huge dog lover and has an Australian Shepard named Levi. He is the  Tournament Director for the Carolina Anglers Team Trail bass fishing tournaments on Lake Norman. He also enjoys golf, fishing, and shooting.

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Carl "Captain" Holt

Creative Director. Pilot, Master videographer

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Levi Holt

Stick Retrieval Specialist

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